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Weekly Regular Cleaning

Job Scope
  • Sweep/vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Mop all tiled areas
  • Dust exterior of all furniture
  • Clear wastepaper baskets
  • Clean all bathrooms (if any)
  • Clean pantry area (if any)
  • Wash cups, clear lunch boxes
  • Wipe all glass panels and doors
  • Clean interior of all windows
  • General cleaning of all rooms
  • Clean lift landing and stairway (if any)

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For Daily Office Cleaning
  • Permanently employed full-time staff
  • Employees trained in cleaning methods
  • 3 hours replacement cleaner ready to deploy
  • Insurance covered
  • Full cleaning equipment supplies
  • Toiletries supplies

What is the advantage of getting a contract cleaning than free-lancer cleaner?

  1. Work injury compensation covered

    According to government regulation, worker insurance coverage is compulsory, failed to comply may face with fine and other sentences. Free lance cleaner may not be aware of what are the dangerous task, if they are not trained and supervise, they may get injure easily and company may need to pay for any medical/hospital coverage which is an unknown amount.

  2. Training provided by professional in-housing training

    When outsourcing office cleaning, you can be confident that the employees are highly trained in aspects of safety, general health, usage of equipment and storage of dangerous cleaning materials. This is as opposed to in-house cleaners that may require training. In addition, their inexperience may result in injuries that may result in liabilities and injury claims. Besides, given that the office cleaning company buys equipment and cleaning materials in bulk, you get to enjoy volume discounts.

  3. Replacement cleaner stand-by

    In the event of sick/on-leave cleaner, you might be facing with who you need to get for replacement immediately or plan for replacement cleaner. Have you thought of the time wasted and inefficiency of what will be expected? The time that is wasted might be more effective if you focus what you do best.

  4. Available to change cleaner if not satisfy

    Do you once get into a thought that your free-lance cleaner is out of your control and you want to change but do not know who to replace with so you have to stick to the same cleaner? At least 30% of the company faced this issue annually and ended up solving this issue might get worse. With our contract cleaner, we do allow 1-2 week notice for us to get a replace permanent cleaner for you to ease your mind.

  5. We ensure right attitude for work

    All our cleaners and supervisors are well trained with the right equipment and of course the right attitude for work. You will not wish that the cleaner deployed will chit-chat with your employees or colleagues all day and not doing their own job.

  6. We ensure quality of work done

    At Fresh Cleaning, we assigned our supervisor to regularly check out all deployed cleaner at every premise to see how is their work progress and what is the issue they are facing. Ensuring safety is important as well as for work quality, without either one of them we will not be able to continue the services for customer satisfaction.

  7. Service Level Agreements

    When you hire an office cleaning contractor you know upfront what to expect from them. The mutually agreed contract will typically include your expectations of service. Since the contractor understands your office needs and agrees to fulfil them, it would be easy to conduct regular reviews and even offer suggestions and recommendations for modifications. With in-house employees, the tendency to become lax is greater, since the risk of losing their jobs for not fulfilling expectations is lower.

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