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Sanitising and Disinfecting.

Tired up with your daily schedule and no time to clean up the mess left behind after renovation, with our experience and dedicated team of cleaners, we can reassure you a dirt free, sparkling clean and comfortable home.

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Price List

HIP Size Length Price
3 Room Flat 12 manhours $524 $488
4 Room Flat 14 manhours $592 $556
5 Room Flat 16 manhours $672 $636
Jumbo Flat 19 manhours $778 $742
Maisonette 20 manhours $820 $784

Price shown may not be fix, as different household have different conditions and may need different duration to complete the cleaning works

Price are inclusive of cleaning tools and materials

Scope for HIP cleaning:

Living/Dining Hall/Bedroom

Dusting & cleaning of interior window, window grill and window ledge

Dusting & wiping of exterior furniture surface

Wiping of ceiling fan

Cleaning of exterior of aircon

Sweep/vacuum of floor

Mop of floor

Wiping/dusting of lightings

Wiping of all skirting

Wiping of all door frame and door (including main entrance)

Clearing of co-web (corners and ceilings)

Vacuuming of dust/dirt behind cabinets or shelves


Cleaning of kitchen applicants (exterior only)

Wiping of all shelves

Washing of sink and basin

Cleaning of Kitchen Cooker hood and Hob

Wiping/dusting of Kitchen wall tiles

Wiping Exterior of kitchen cabinates

Wiping of all sanitary fittings


Washing of sink and basin

Washing of toilets bowl, shower screen and bath tub (if any)

Wiping of all sanitary fittings


Job scope are guidelines that we will cover, but ultimately every house have different conditions and whether it will need more time to clean will be subjected to extension.

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