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Homeowners anxiously await to move into their new home once the renovation work has ended. After weeks and months of waiting to do up your home sweet home, you certainly would not wish to wait any longer to move in and enjoy the fruits of the time, effort and money spent. But as much as you’d wish to settle in quickly, an often overlooked chore is that of a thorough cleanup that’s needed after a renovation.


True, your contractor may have included a general cleaning of your home after the revamp. But no matter how well your renovation workers cleaned up; the dust, dried cement, water marks, etc. does not get removed very easily. Excess dust is harmful to your health and general well-being, especially for individuals allergic to dust. Whether you have undertaken a full house renovation or a partial one, the dust, mess and debris amount to the same. Hence, a thorough cleaning is an absolute necessity.

After renovation works as you get busy with organizing and settling in your newly groomed abode, let our team at Fresh Cleaning Services help you quickly get your space into a livable condition, so you can enjoy your new home as intended.


HDB Size Length Price Book Now
2 Bedroom HDB / 400 - 599 SQFT 5 hours $230
2 Bedroom HDB / 600 - 799 SQFT 7 hours $308
3 Bedroom HDB / 800 - 999 SQFT 9 hours $378
4 Bedroom HDB / 1000 - 1199 SQFT 11 hours $451
5 Bedroom HDB / 1200 - 1399 SQFT 13 hours $520
Maisonette / 1400 - 1899 SQFT 16 hours $624
Condo/Apartment Size Length Price Book Now
1 Bedroom Studio / 400 - 599 SQFT 6 hours $276
2 Bedroom / 600 - 799 SQFT 8 hours $352
2 Bedroom / 800 - 999 SQFT 10 hours $420
3 Bedroom / 1000 - 1199 SQFT 11 hours $492
4 Bedroom / 1200 - 1399 SQFT 14 hours $560
Penthouse / 1400 - 1899 SQFT 17 hours $663


  • hours = man hours
  • Price stated in the table are indicative subject to condition and layout of the house
  • Price are inclusive of all cleaning equipment, kit and supplies
  • Additional per man hours are charged at $35 (Weekday: Monday – Friday between 8am – 6pm)
  • Additional per man hours are charged at $40 (Weekday: Monday – Friday after 6pm & Weekend: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)

Recommended for:

  • New home after renovation works cleaning
  • Pre-move in cleaning
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing of home for clean environment to move in

Scope for Post Renovation Cleaning/Moving In Cleaning:

Living/Dining Hall/Bedroom

Cleaning of interior window, window ledge and window grill

Wiping and disinfecting of interior & exterior wardrobe

Wiping of ceiling fan (if any)

Wiping of exterior of aircon

Sweep/vacuum of floor

Mop of floor

Wiping of switches

Cleaning of skirting


Cleaning of kitchen appliances

Wiping and disinfecting of all shelves

Washing & disinfecting of sink and basin

Cleaning of Kitchen Cooker hood and Hob

Wiping/dusting of Kitchen wall tiles

Cleaning and disinfecting exterior & interior of kitchen cabinets


Washing & disinfecting of sink and basin

Washing & disinfecting of toilets

Washing of toilet shower screen (if any)


Job scope are guidelines that we will cover, but ultimately every house have different conditions and whether it will need more time to clean will be subjected to extension.

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